Internal Audit is an independent appraisal activity within an organization which aims at reviewing the accounting, financial and other operations as a basis for service to management.

It is in recognition of this that the management of the University started the Audit Unit under the office of the Vice Chancellor in May, 2013, after operating without this function since inception in 2005 foundation.


The department started with the following staff.

  1. Daven G. Janfa                                -           Chief Internal Auditor
  2. Tabitha D. Gobgab                         -           Executive Officer
  3. Lucy A. Didel                                    -           Executive Officer
  4. Pam D. Micheal                               -           Executive Officer

With the change of leadership in 2018, the new Vice Chancellor, Prof. Yohanna D. Izam saw the need to inject additional staff into the department by bringing in three staff who are,

Mr Dauda J. Izan                                         -           Assist. Chief Executive Officer

Mr Donatus Nkup Yoktok                        -           Assist. Chief Executive Officer

Miss Uhoman Mallo                                  -           Confidential Secretary I

The addition has gone a long way to strengthen and boost the morale and performance of staff in the department.


The staff in the department have been attending one conference or the other at least once a year in order to update themselves in the accounting profession. We thank the management for their support in this regard.

The work of the Internal Audit covers the whole operations of the University. Our office is directly answerable to the Vice Chancellor.


The Department is saddled with the following responsibilities, among others

  1. Prepayment Audit  - We check payments vouchers and the supporting documents before passing them for payments.
  2. Post-payment Audit – After payments are made, we check the payment vouchers to ensure that appropriate receipts are attached and that advances collected are retired within stipulated time frame.
  3. Ensure that internal control measures are put in place and are being complied with by all staff at all levels.
  4. Ensure that laid down policies of the University are adhered to by all staff to ensure smooth operations.
  5. Ensuring that assets of the University are safeguarded and being utilized effectively and efficiently.
  6. Advising management on cost-saving measures.
  7. Confirming the receipt and usage of assets, fuel, stationeries, etc before being put to use.
  8. Monitoring the University’s budget implementation and advising against negative variances.
  9. Checking staff payroll prepared monthly by Bursary before salaries are paid.
  10. Checking and confirming payments by students.
  11. Checking payments to contractors to ensure all statutory deductions are made before payments are made to them.
  12. Ensuring that all statutory deductions – PAYE, VAT, withholding tax, development levy, etc are remitted intact to relevant government agencies.
  13. Carry act investigations as directed by management.

We enjoy a good working relationship with the office of the Vice Chancellor. We also enjoy good cooperation from the departments, divisions and faculties, most especially the Bursary, Works, ICT and Registry with whom we relate more closely daily.


The Audit Department has the following sections or units.

  1. Prepayment Audit
  2. Post-payment  Audit
  3. Investigation
  4. Price control unit (PCU)

Our desire as a department is to effectively cover all the operations of the University such that all staff carry out their work in line with the policies guiding all aspects of its operations.