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The auditioning of a new television drama series named across the country created by Dr Edward Ossai, head of theatre Arts department, plateau state university, Bokkos and the association of theatre art student of the university have begun in the open air theatre of Plateau state university Bokkos.
The new drama series which seek to present the negative consequences of conflict in Nigeria and insurgency in the north East is a narrative of Nene Etim, 24 an NYSC member posted to plateau state university and is an advocacy film against provoked and unprovoked violent attack on armless citizens of Nigeria by engaging restive youth in the art of film making and also popularizing the state.
The action drama series which is set on the plateau, Akwa ibom and Abuja is a creation of a participant observer of the jos crisis between 2001 and 2012 and has the potential for attracting funds for the university With this auditioning the theatre art department of the university is set to break new ground in the theatre industry as a platform has just been created.
Funds for the project will sourced from government, donor agencies and philanthropists.
In these opening remarks before the commencement of the programme, Head of Department of Theatre Art  Dr. Edward Ossai  said it was the desire of the theatre arts department to take the university to the pinnacle of the television drama industry in the country in the shortest possible time.
Most of those auditioned are student of theatre art of the university, while youths from the state who have interest in drama can also participate after being auditioned.