Other Library Services

The other service provided by the Plateau State University Library to users is the circulation of library materials through loans and book reservations.

Far from the usual hard copy materials, the University Library intends to subscribe to online electronic resources such as stated below in other to meet the needs of our clientele outside the borders of the library:

These are the list of some full text journals for access through HINARI:

Health Internetwork Access to Research Initiative Database. (HINARI)

Advances in Applied Mathematics (Elsevier) v.16 (1995-current issue)

Advances in Mathematics (Elsevier) v.110 (1995-current issue)

Analytica Chimica Acta (Elsevier Journals) v. 299:3 (1995 - current issue)

Analytical Chemistry Insights (Libertas Academica) v.1 (2006-current issue)

Applied Numerical Mathematics (Elsevier) v.16:3 (1995-current issue)

Applied Mathematics and Computation (Elsevier) v.67 (1995-current issue)

Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry (Portland Press) v. 26; 3 (1997-current issue)

Carbohydrate Polymers (Elsevier Journals) v.26 (1995-current issues)

Current Applied Physics (Elsevier Journals) (1998-current issue)

Computational Statistics and Data Analysis

Educational Researcher (Sage Publishing) v.28 (1999-current issue)

Educational &Psychological Measurement (Sage Publishing) v.48 (1999-current issue)

Environmental Microbiology (John Wiley &Sons) v.1 (1999-current issue)

Environmental Research (Elsevier Journals) v.76 (1998- current issue)

Evaluation &Research in Education (Taylor and Francis) v.10 (1996-current issue)

European Polymer Journal (Elsevier Journals) v.31 (1995- current issue)

European Journal of Biochemistry (John Wiley and Sons) 1967-2004

International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geo information (Elsevier)

International Journal of Applied Electromagnetics & Mechanics (IOS Press)v. 9 (1998) - current issue

International Journal of Parasitology (Elsevier) v.28 (1998-current)

International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology, the (Elsevier Journals) v.27 (1995- current issue)

International Journal of Food Microbiology (Elsevier) v.39 (1998- current issue)

International Journal of Geographical Information Science (Taylor and Francis) v.11 (1997-current issue)

International Research in Journal of Geographical & Environmental Education (Taylor and Francis) v.7 (1998- current issue)

International Journal of Medical Microbiology (Elsevier Journals)

International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer (Elsevier Journals)v. 22 (1995) - current issue

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer (Elsevier Journals)v. 38 (1995) - current issue

Infrared Physics & Technology (Elsevier Journals)v. 36 (1995 - current issue)

Journal of Applied Mathematics and mechanics

Journal of Applied Microbiology (John Wiley &Sons) v.82 (1997-current issue)

Journal of cell Biology/life sciences (Rockefeller University Press) v.1 (1955-current issue)

Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics (Elsevier) v.57 1995-current issue

Journal of Computational Physics (Elsevier Journals) (1995- current issue)

Journal of Biotechnology (Elsevier Journals) v.59 (1998-current issue)

Journal of Educational Psychology (American Psychological Association) v.1 (1910-current issue)

Journal of Environmental Management (Elsevier) v.43 (1995-current issue)

Journal of Environmental Planning &Management (Taylor and Francis) (1995- current issue)

Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology (Elsevier) v.91 1998-current issue

Mutation Research/ Genomics (Elsevier)

Molecular Cell (Elsevier) v.1 1998-current issue

Nuclear Physics A (Elsevier Journals)v. 581 (1995) - current issue

Nuclear Physics B (Elsevier Journals)v. 433 (1995) - current issue

Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements (Elsevier Journals)v. 37:3 (1995) - current issue

Optical Materials (Elsevier Journals)v. 4:2 (1995) - current issue

Optics & Laser Technology (Elsevier Journals)v. 27 (1995) - current issue

Optics Communications (Elsevier Journals)v. 113:4 (1995) - current issue

Organic Chemistry Insights (Libertas Academica)v. 1 (2008 - current issue)

Particle Physics Insights (Libertas Academica)v. 1 (2008) - current

Progress in Polymer Science (Elsevier Journals) v.34 (1995-current issue)

Research in Microbiology (Elsevier Journals) v.146 (1995-current issue

Teacher Education & Special education (Sage publishing) v.22 (1999-current issue)

Teaching and Teacher Education (Elsevier) v.11 (1995-current issue)

Trends in Analytical Chemistry (Elsevier Journals) v.14 (1995- current issue)

Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (Directory of Open Access)

Computer Communications (Elsevier Journals) v. 18 (1995) - current issue

Computer Fraud & Security (Elsevier Journals) v. 1996 (1996) - current issue

Computer Networks (Elsevier Journals) v. 31 (1999) - current issue

Computers & Security (Elsevier Journals) v. 14 (1995) - current issue

International Communication Gazette (Sage Publishing) v. 61 (1999) - current issue

European Journal of Communication (Sage Publishing) v. 14 (1999) - current issue

Global Media and Communication (Sage Publishing) v. 1 (2005) - current issue

New Media & Society (Sage Publishing) v. 1 (1999) - current issue

Library & Information Science Research (Elsevier Journals) v. 20 (1998) - current issue

Library Acquisitions: Practice & Theory (Elsevier Journals) v. 19 (1995) - v. 22 (1998)

Library Collections, Acquisitions and Technical Services (Elsevier Journals) v. 23 (1999) - v. 23 (2008)

Information & Management (Elsevier Journals) v. 28 (1995) - current issue

Information and Computation (Elsevier Journals) v. 116 (1995) - current issue

Information and Organization (Elsevier Journals) v. 11 (2001) - current issue

Information and Software Technology (Elsevier Journals) v. 37 (1995) - current issue                                          

Acta Mathematical Scientia (Elsevier)

Applied Mathematics and Computation    (Elsevier)

Journal of Mathematical Sciences (Springer) 04/01/2003- January 2010

International Journal of Applied electromagnetic & Mechanics (IOS Press) 03/01/1996- current issue [with a 9 month delay]

International Journal of Remote Sensing (Taylor &Francis) 01/10/1998-current issue [with a 24 month delay]

Journal of Environmental Management 07/01/1996- current issue

Journal of Educational Psychology

Journal of Biochemistry 02/01/2003-feb.2010

Journal of Biotechnology

Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 2009-2010